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Our Jupiters are harmonious as well we just like each other, trust each other, and believe we are good for each other and the other is good for us. Sometimes one person can be much more harmonious in the relationship than the other. I believe this sum may show that factor. Mutual receptions are important I think as they bring a way out of difficulty, they allow the couple to find common ground.

We have two mutual receptions between us. I have seen as many as 6 between other couples. Each mutual reception has added 5 points of harmony into the harmony totals. So who loves whom more?

grahamalika yoga horoscope

I believe I loved her more as my Venus has more power than hers she brings out more of the love nature in me than I do in her. Yet I think she felt it more as her Venus has more harmony than mine. Think of other ways to look at the things here presented. Perhaps other meaning is evident to you. This table shows the 11 most important factors in synastry analysis. Notice that we shared 8 out of the 11 factors. And observe that only one is discordant Did we get along? You bet! We could always talk and relate to each other harmonious Mercurys. We had a lot going for us. So what was our trouble?

We got married too young and didn't have the emotional development to stick out the tough times, which always occur at certain times.

Free Astrology Programs by Allen Edwall - Android Astrology Apps

But basic compatibility was there. This table shows the planets that are within one degree orb of exact aspect to each other. These "connections", especially conjunctions, are the nails that tend to hold people together. As you can see, there was plenty of glue. But no amount of glue can keep two people together who decide they need to go their separate ways, for whatever reason. When two people just give up, no astrology in the world can overcome that. It takes the will of the two people involved to rule their stars.

Notice one big problem area - my Mars brought out discordant Moon energies in her and her Moon brought out discordant Mars energies in me my Mars square her Moon. Did we have energy lots of power there?


Did we have anger lots of discord present? Did we have passion? But we needed to learn how to control it better. That is the message of discordant energies. It tells you what you should work on most. At a glance you can see where the most energy is and where the most harmony and discord are.


You still aren;t convinced we were a great match for each other? Look at the harmonies between all the "good" planets. But also look at our trouble areas:. Do you and your loved one stack up as well? Or better? Below is the dual cosmodyne analysis for me and my second wife. We were much less compatible then me and my first wife. Can you see why this is true? If not, then please study the ideas presented more closely. We both wanted to wear the pants in the family at the same time both Suns discordant.

There was rarely any cooperation, only competition. Here are more numbers:. Ten out of the eleven factors are present. But there are none that are harmonious. And only two are flat neutral. So plenty of attraction, but plenty of discord as well. Especially with the personal love planets, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter?

Not a pretty picture is it?

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Why did we get married? It seemed like a good thing to do at the time. That plus hormones. You know how that goes, right? Yes, definitely. I felt like I was in prison and I made her very insecure. Here are the major harmonies between our planets. Note the lack of interaction between "good" and personal - Mercury is neutral planets.

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