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You no longer have to go to different websites to find your birth details and calculations. Get everything at one spot. But the most important part is you will get the most accurate planetary co-ordinates and placements in the world. Many websites will give different ascendants, planetary placements and different divisional charts which frustrated you all including me; this is why I took the step to bring this report to you.

I finally got the best software used by the biggest and the most famous professionals in the astrological world. This is not a consultation. This is only a computerized report of your chart, mahadasha and all kinds of calculation that picks all the details of your past and the coming future.

You will get a link to a video in the email which explains how to read your report if you are completely new to astrology. Please note I do not explain anything about your chart in this option. It's all automated self learning experience. If you simply prefer a reading then check out my consultation option from which gives this report as well. It's very important you read my book Astrology, Conjunction and Aspects the speed of light to truly enjoy the scientific essence of your birth chart.

You can also use my Youtube videos which provide most of the info. I have made a video on this on Youtube called "Destiny Point", which shows why you were born, what is that you must accomplish in order to fulfill your birth purpose. If you got the older version of the report before April 20th I cannot send you a update copy. You must purchase a new report otherwise I'll be sending updates for next 4 years which is impractical.

I got the new version of the software as a total surprise by the developer. You will also get this new secret dasha known as Padnamdamsa dasha which is used in the Navamsa chart only with Jamini system. I will make a detailed video on it later on after I have researched it myself. But I made a small video on it titled "New Secret Dasha". Includes all my books in digital format which will be sent via email. Mainly you want to focus on your birth chart, nakshatras and Navamsa chart and watch my videos of youtube on planets in signs, planets in houses, nakshatras, and this report comes with a private video link to understand your report better.

Some of the features in the video tutorial might be missing as I am now using a new software. Once you make the purchase, please send the confirmation code to myreport astrologykrs.

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Do not send emails without your information below. Please include:. Full name. Your date of birth month in letters. Time of birth. January 1, no need to put: st, nd, th. Paypal transcation I. Please give 24 hours for the report delivery. When you purchase Bundle the speed of light, you will get the full PDF horoscope absolutly free as option 5 along with my free Sci-fi Book.


This book includes my Astrology, Conjunction, Aspect and Mahadashas book. Place of birth Country, state and City. Please give 36 hours for the report delivery. No other book provides such details on conjunction of planets.

Free Astrology eBooks:

Including the new book on mahadashas. Option 1, 2, 3 and 4 are only my books.

Option are actual audio consultations by me. The most accurate planetary alignment in Astrology. This report is the holy grail of horoscope when reading my books.

This book simplifies the aspect of time cycles in Vedic Astrology which each humans is running through throughout their lives. Certain planets are always controlling our lives for a certain period of time. Depending upon the condition of that planet we understand life around us and see life through that planet's energy.

Mahadashas are the most common technique in Vedic Astrology to see which past life karma is being reveled in our lives at the current moment. Once you understand this concept you will understand your dharma in current moment. Relationship Timing Consultation. Find out the best time periods to find someone. This option gives all my books and astrology report free.

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Astrology The Speed Of Light Pdf | Forex NN - New Network

This NOT a marriage consultation. I no longer do marriage consultation because I do not tell anything negative in the reading. Many people in life have yogas and combination of no marriage and I just do not tell those things. Won't you rather have love than a bad marriage? Also know relationship, too may not happen in such times which I do not discuss. Do not get this for your children unless you are an open minded person and do not believe in cast, creed or religion.

If you are married please do not get this consultation unless you're divorced, widowed or legally separated. Due to the extreme amount of emails I get please only ask 1 post consultation question by following direction from my auto email. Due to the enormous amount of emails that I get on all my email avenues please ask me all post consultation questions a head of time while sending your information so this way you are not waiting for answers and being frustrated and I am not lagging behind.

This way both you and I will be calm and happy. Everything mentioned below will come on the 25th day including PDF report.

आटा मलते हुए करले यह एक काम घर की कंगाली दुःख दर्द ख़तम हो जायेंगे

This is not a horoscope match so please do not send details of your partner. You will get a minute of audio from me about your relationship timing and if current mahadasha is showing relationship. Things included:. Astrology PDF Full report. You will get an auto email from me explaining the exact procedure of how and when you will get your consultation. Please look out for the auto email in your inbox or spam folder.

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Do not send repeated emails about where you reading is as It will push you down the que, once you send your details wait 30 days to email and ask for the reading. But I always come across all readings no matter what so please be patient. Please give 25 days for this particular report delivery due to me looking over your chart personally.

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Do not send order through my webiste contact section; they will be lost. Use the email address as advised. Career Consultation. Expires After I get 7 for the week. Let me know what profession you're in which will also help me for my statistical analysis.

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If you have a profession you are thinking of switching to let me know so I can see with Prashna and other techniques if that career is possible. Mainly in this consultation I am going to show you your Dharma and Artha as in what is the constitution of your soul what is the path of your soul in this life regardless of what you may want and how its walking on that path, then we will discuss the Artha which is substances, how you make your money and provide for yourself. This is a unique concept of Nakshatras I use. Please only write no more than lines regarding your career,. Everything mentioned below will come on the 27th day including PDF report and books so please do not keep eamiling me about where are the books and report.

You will get a minute mp3 audio from me about your career paths and how current time periods are bringing opportunities for you. Things included digital format:. But I always come across all readings on time no matter what so please be patient.