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Saturn is the ruler of structure, responsibility, and karma. His mythology is complex, and he also had power to subvert social norms. Right now, Saturn is in Sagittarius. Saturn here is challenging the way we as individuals and a community view our own ideologies and those of others. In addition, Neptune in Pisces is putting pressure on Saturn in the form of a square aspect. But history shows us this is not the case…. Certainly ideology is a vital topic of discussion now. There has been progress and there has been adversity. As a resident of South Carolina, I felt the unspeakable sadness of the AME Church shooting in Charleston and celebrated the great victory for the black community that was removal of the Confederate flag from the SC Capitol grounds.

Only a few months later, the US Supreme Court ruled laws banning same sex marriage to be unconstitutional, effectively legalizing same sex marriage—something I thought might never happen in my highly conservative state.

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Outside of the US, Ireland legalized same sex marriage as well. Then there are the acts of violence that we have become all too familiar with—the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the ISIL shootings at Bataclan and throughout Paris, bombings at Brussels airport in Belgium, and most recently, the shooting at Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando. To list them all at once is a pain too acute to bear, but is necessary in order to acknowledge the common thread: that these are attacks on and because of belief.

New Moon Meaning

They are intended to instill fear and feelings of otherness. Petrarch also wrote his collection of sonnets during this time, altering the poetic form for centuries to come. In the East, the powerful Ming dynasty assumed control and began construction on the Great Wall of China, one of the great wonders of the world. These squares are also known for being portals for mystical revelations and supernatural events. The Divine Feminine also seems to resurface during Saturn-Neptune squares, despite being suppressed throughout much of Western history.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, perhaps the most famous Marian apparition in the history of the Catholic Church, appeared during the 16th century square. In that same period, famous occultist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa wrote De nobilitate et praecellentia foeminae sexus On the Nobility and Excellence of the Feminine Sex , making a huge contribution to the modern magical understanding of femininity.

In the same way, feminine spirituality has experienced a massive renaissance in pop culture and fashion over the last year— and, for the first time, in America we have the opportunity to vote in a female President. The best way to collaborate with this vibe is to know where Saturn and Neptune are transiting in your natal chart. Once you know what houses are being activated for you personally, focus on transforming your beliefs in those areas for amazing results. Finally, give yourself the time and space you need to process any feelings that come up. Write, rest, or do whatever else helps you feel whole again.

The Aries New Moon is here to spark the next current of your personal evolution. Hannah Ariel explains how to max out the electrifying cosmic energy…. A fundamentally microcosmic life altering realization, that has led to the total reformation of a past ideal. Like, innovative, far-reaching, freaky-deaky-ridiculously magical parts of our beings. Before you read any further — pause, and think back in time to one year ago. Who were you then? What understanding did you have of yourself? How has that person changed since then?

What or who were you in the process of becoming more of? Now, come back to this very moment. What has fundamentally changed? And as it is your tale that is dynamically unfolding, it is only you who knows what comes next. This is a time to come alive with excitement about where these changes in your personality are taking you. And you can trust that whatever you have built on is here to stay this time around.

To work with this energy on an even deeper level, we can also look to decipher the intention that lies behind the very degree that this Aries New Moon takes place — the 18th degree of Aries. A constructive alternation of activity and rest, referring to the ability to balance outer vitalistic activity and withdrawal from such activity… which suggests a middle path between total involvement in instinctual or social drives and withdrawal in silence — thus living rhythmically.

And to remember all you have gone through to become who you are now. There was never any more inception than there is now I exist as I am, that is enough And I know the amplitude of time I am afoot with my vision Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

New Moon April – Journey To Success – Astrology King

This lunar cycle, you might feel unstoppable. Master your energies during this Aquarius New Moon to set your intentions for the months ahead, says Hannah Ariel. The nature of an Aquarius New Moon is idiosyncratic — how it speaks to you will be different from how it speaks to another, and yet one message is clear: something has to change.

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Once a year the timing is just right to set intentions that you want to see have a ripple effect — the boundaries of time reach far into the future. With a revitalizing boost from two major planetary forces, this Aquarius New Moon can make you unstoppable. You will be energized to make resolute shifts in both your perceptions and actions at once.

Uranus in Aries urges; innovate NOW, open your mind to the prospect of what is possible for you personally. With these two in trine with one another, and in a working sextile with the moon on February 8 th , there is nothing and nobody standing in your way but potentially your own indifference. Venus in Capricorn speaks to your financial security and your ability to attract what you need by acknowledging your own authority and accountability.

Know that accountability, self-mastery, self-trust and inner resolve will indeed be major themes now, as this lunar cycle is also being driven by a square from Mars in Scorpio. To delve further, if you recall from , when Saturn cut through the constellation of Scorpio, we were taught some serious lessons around how we merge our energy with other people, places, resources, ideologies; you name it. These were transformative years where we learned the energetic power of boundaries. Well, these lessons will come up again now, but this time, with Mars in the driving seat, we have an amazing opportunity to liberate and take conscious action to create more a more sophisticated intimacy with our vitality.

With Mars square the Aquarius New Moon there is an enormous amount of energy available now, before Mars goes retrograde in April, to choose what stays and what must go once and for all — may it be a lover, a destructive habit, an unhealthy belief about yourself — you can let it go now. Refresh the page. Get something else going that will strengthen your will more than ever before. The future is all that matters now.

Have a wild idea about where you belong? How you can help someone? Who you have the power to be? Give it a go. Free yourself, master your energies and you may, in a very Aquarian fashion, be shocked to find how much others needed you to do so. The Full Moon in Gemini is an invitation to re-shape our reality and reorientate on our journey, says Hannah Ariel. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Nothing more.

Single Card Tarot Reading

Wanting to hear and see everything, life through Gemini eyes is like experiencing an endless discovery channel. Nothing thrills this sign more than to follow a new lead, comprehend yet another fact, connect another dot. In aspect to Neptune, this may not be at all where we thought to dream before. This Full Moon in Gemini illuminates how our lives are meant to change and mutate, to the point where they are unrecognizable at times, in order for us to explore a fresh vision.


The Sun has just entered Sagittarius. We have survived the depths of Scorpio, and there is an unmistakable optimism in the air. Although these signs oppose one another in the sky, they actually make for lively partners in crime; Gemini points the way, and Sag has the good faith to follow the signs. However, Mercury and Saturn have also joined the Sun in Sagittarius, creating a not so simple trifecta of nature. Thoughts and beliefs born of our experiences are our only reality right now. Saturn in Sagittarius sees to this, as our beliefs will materialize opportunities in time and space faster than you can say Abracadabra.

These heavy-hitters want to improve our circumstances, dissolving one boundary to re-create the next. Armed with complete belief, you can do now what seemed impossible not long ago. TRUST and prepare to expand your horizons. Increasing your involvement generates encouraging support, trepidation and excitement. Fireworks for YOU? Be conscious of the practical strategies needed to materialize your objectives. Since, your final decision must be carefully formulated and clearly detailed, promptly step into lighter, clearer space in order to receive heartwarming Cosmic blessings.

You might find an appropriate doable solution right there. NOTE 2: This strategy worked and still works for many emailers who send feedback. Have it checked for FREE. Thank you. I turn my Life around. E-mail this website link-address to like-minds. Total determination is capital.