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Consequently, the planet can still produce for us, but perhaps we are struggling to get it right in that particular area of life. It is half beneficial in its own House.


Its beneficence is one fourth in a friendly Rasi. In an equals Rasi one eighth of auspicious disposition is useful. All other planets have rulership over two signs. When assessing a chart, we need to pay attention to the Mooltrikona sign that the planet in question rules. For example, for a Gemini ascendant, Saturn rules both the eight and the ninth house.

Planetary friendship in Astrology

Of course, other factors need to be supportive as well. For example, for Taurus ascendant individuals, Venus rules both the first and the sixth house, which are respectively an angle, a trine and a dusthana house. The more principles we add on to estimating dignity, the better we understand that the manifestation of the planets energy in our lives is rather complex. We can consider the Avashtas in conjunction with dignity the sign that the planet is in. When a planet is in a high avashta, we integrate the lesson that it has to teach us more easily. More often this helps us be present in a challenging situation, and heightens our ability to act on our innate wisdom and intelligence.

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There are five states: the infant, the adolescent, the adult, the old and the dead. On the positive side a planet in an infant, old or dead state can point to karmic lessons that are exhausting themselves in this life time, thus we receive less harm from them. Planets with lower dignity cannot give much harm, especially if they are in an infant, an old or a dead state. They can even thrive in case their kashta is low, and if they receive good support from their friends.


For example strong planets by dignity can hurt other planets agenda. Respectively they can give sometimes disruptive effects, especially if they happen to rule over difficult houses.

The difference is in the way that we face the hardships and react to them. When planet in high dignity throws us a challenge, we might draw from our ingrained knowing and consciousness and as a result integrate the experience more readily, rather than letting it knock us down.

Ultimately, our experiences with a planet may vary for the different fields of life, depending on how it is placed through the Vargas. And here are some additional interesting thoughts from Vincent, another of our astrological apprentices:. When considering dignity, think of the roles that the planets provide to get an idea of what is being effected. If we take a Philosopher Jupiter and lock him in a dungeon Capricorn will he thrive?

Will it be easy to form expansive outlooks and beautiful ideas if Jupiter is hidden away from the world in a moldy cell? However, if Jupiter is placed on a high mountaintop or in a vast library Sagittarius free from constraints it will be more pleasant for the planet to operate. A debilitated Venus in the chart of a Cancer ascendant will signify difficulty forming interests or with learning skills 3rd house indications.

The ability to choose Venus is impaired and the native could make poor choices or yearn for experiences or abilities that are not meant for them. Planetary dignity is the crux of Astrology. Wholly dependent on rulership, it is often overlooked by many astrologers who may consider it archaic due to the introduction of modern planetary rulership or who even find it unpleasant to imagine a planet being inimical or debilitated.

However it is quite plain to see how tremendous an impact the usage of dignity has on birth chart, it is a guiding force into the well being of a planet and speaks to its placement so effectively. Through planetary dignity we learn the initial state of the forces of our consciousness.

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Categories: horoscope assessment , lajjitaadi avasthas , learn astrology , Tropical Vedic Astrology. Saturn rules those of mixed breed, while Mercury presides over Shudra. The five primordial compounds, viz. The planets from the Sun on are attributed tastes, as acrid, saline, bitter, mixed, sweet, sour acidulous and astringent. Their abodes, respectively, are temples, water resorts, fire houses, sports ground, treasury, bed-room and dirty places.

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  • Natural Friendship, Neutrality and Enmity between Planets:. The Sun's friends are Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. The Moon's friends are the Sun and Mercury. The Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are friendly to Mars. Venus and the Sun are Mercury's friends. The Sun, Moon and Mars are friendly disposed to Jupiter. Saturn and Mercury are friends of Venus. Mercury and Venus are Saturn's friends. The Sun's enemies are Venus and Saturn. The Moon has no enemies. Mercury is inimical to Mars, while the Moon is Mercury's enemy. Venus and Mercury are the enemies of Jupiter. The Moon and the Sun are enemies of Venus.

    Saturn's enemies are the Sun, the Moon and Mars. If a planet is neither a friend, nor an enemy of another one, there exists neutrality among them. Temporary Friendship and Enmity between Planets:. If a planet is in the 12th, 4th, 2nd, 10th, 11th and 3rd from another planet, then there is temporary friendship between the two.

    Determining Good and Bad Karma Using Planetary Dignity – Asheville Vedic Astrology

    If the position is in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 1st, 5th, or the 9th, then there is temporary enmity among them. This may be applied to a birth horoscope, horary horoscope, or any such other context. Five Kinds of Considerations of Relationship:. Should there be temporary friendship and natural friendship between two planets, then they become extremely friendly.